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Voice AI from the space of VoiceSearch and VoiceServices, E31

Episode Summary

Join a conversation with Dustin Coates - Voice Search Lead at Algolia, author of Voice Applications for Alexa and Google Assistant, co-host of VUX World, the practical voice podcast, and Alexa recognized champion. And Hannes Heikinheimo - Speechly Co-Founder and CTO, ex-Rovio, ex-Reaktor, worked on the 1st version of NLU for Apple’s Siri for Finnish, ML and NLU seasoned specialist. > Algolia is a site search and discovery API company with unique differentiators for all important aspects of search, text and voice, all for dynamic digital experiences. > Speechly is the fast, simple and accurate voice UI API that is optimized for efficient UI task completion. It is designed to work alongside other UI modalities such as touch and visual especially in the context of web, mobile, and e-commerce applications.

Episode Notes