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Scalable Reliance on AI for e-Invoicing, and AI Principles, E32

Episode Summary

Tech unicorn, Tradeshift, recently surpassed $1 trillion transactions processed. Listen to a conversation with their Principal Product Manager for Data and Analytics, Lloyd Humphreys, on how they are using AI at scale. Lloyd gives people the option to dial up or down AI. He believes AI is a tool in a toolbox - not the only tool, but a critical one. Running Tradeshift's data team means he gets close to the source of how it is creating data and how people expect to use it to make decisions. Originally, he was a freelance UX designer. Tradeshift is a leader in e-invoicing and accounts payable automation. Their technology is able to benchmark their models performance against person-led processes and offers predictive modeling showing how the technology can maximize outcomes, like gained efficiency and cost-savings.

Episode Notes