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Accelerate Revenue, Positioning, and Growth, with Tudor Goicea | CRO @TypingDNA, E16

Episode Summary

Monetizing during coronavirus, what do potential clients want to hear in a ratio of technology, use-cases or process flows, and what should a typical sales & growth team look like for driving a technological or AI-driven product? This and more, as we virtually sit down and talk to Tudor Goicea from TypingDNA. Tudor is Chief Revenue Officer, heading sales, growth and strategic partnerships at TypingDNA, the business that provides proprietary AI based typing biometrics technology (a.k.a. keystroke dynamics) to identify users by the way they type on their keyboards. Tudor's previous experience is in venture capital and consulting. And you’re about to tap into a real conversation where actionable takeaways are available.

Episode Notes


  1. Industries most interested during these times, and the ones taking a step back
  2. Road to product market fit
  3. Communicating with potential clients
  4. Sales & growth team profile