Applied AI Pod

Product research teams, AI in Finance, and D&I with Wendy Tay - scientist-turned-PM @BorealisAI, E20

Episode Summary

In a conversation with a scientist-turned-product-manager at the intersection of emerging technology, product and design. Hear Wendy Tay, Product Manager at Borealis AI dive into topics like working as a product manager in a research environment, AI in Banking, women in tech, D&I and her top things to make a difference in a PM role for research oriented teams and projects. Wendy left the academic life behind to take on various product and tech roles at Thomson Reuters, Microsoft and Microsoft Research previously. She has a strong interest in AI technologies as well as the ethical and fairness implications of AI. Borealis AI is Royal Bank of Canada’s Institute for Research focused at world-class research lab for applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence to finance. It dedicates to applied research in areas such as reinforcement learning, natural language processing, deep learning, and unsupervised learning to solve ground-breaking problems.

Episode Notes


  1. The role of a PM in a research environment
  2. Recurring skills needed for an AI PM to have successful products built and good communication with both researchers and business types
  3. AI model governance and why is important in banking
  4. Where can AI help in the banking industry
  5. What is responsible AI
  6. Borealis and RBC initiatives to help with social good causes and women in AI
  7. Diversity and Inclusion - what it means and why it matters for product management
  8. Top things for a PM in a research project journey

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