Applied AI Pod

Green AI: by and for AI, with Kordel France - AI startup founder, E27

Episode Summary

As the power of sensors and processing rises and their costs drops, artificial intelligence (AI) holds the potential for greening many systems, including itself. So how can AI help? There are two approaches to Green AI – using AI to solve sustainability challenges, and using AI in a more sustainable way. We talk to Kordel France - ML Engineer and AI startup founder. Kordel is the founder and CEO of Seekar Technologies, a technology startup that builds artificial intelligence products for a variety of industries. Outside of maintaining Seekar's vision and developing the capability of its AI, he is usually writing code but also enjoys rolling jiu-jitsu. He is constantly furthering his knowledge of artificial intelligence and his ultimate career goal is to simulate consciousness through AI and robotics. He also acts as a consultant for other technology startups. Prior to joining Seekar full time, Kordel was an engineer for missiles and target acquisition systems for Raytheon and other defense contractors. The company was founded in 2018 based on four principles: 1) Make artificial intelligence mobile (without the need for a cloud connection). 2) Make artificial intelligence more secure and trustworthy by removing bias from models and giving users control over their data. 3) Build artificial intelligence so that it can explain its decisions, just as a human can - relieve the "black box" stereotypes. 4) Build artificial intelligence that augments the efficiency, safety and throughput of current jobs, not replaces them.

Episode Notes