Applied AI Pod

Deep Learning, NLP & AI Engineers w/ Pujaa Rajan, Ep. 7

Episode Summary

In a conversation with a Deep Learning Engineer herself for: covid19, NLP metrics, DL’s popularity and balancing quantity over quality. Tune in to check the next thing to beat a human at.:) & Find Pujaa, Deep Learning Engineer @nodeio & Women in AI USA Ambassador/SF Founder, at & check out her latest covid19 volunteer work for As many AI researchers have stopped their regular work to contribute their skills, special kudos to Pujaa for doing just that too.

Episode Notes

You will find about:

✓ Contribution to covid19 datasets

✓ How can machines make meaning out of language

✓ Some metrics used to test an NLP model

✓ Deep Learning’s popularity

✓ Balancing quantity vs quality

✓ Relevant traits of people working in AI

✓ The next game or thing to beat a human at