Applied AI Pod

Developing Creativity with AI & DL for Sound & Audio, with Valerio Velardo, E28

Episode Summary

Creativity and Artificial Intelligence music in all of its forms, with Valerio Velardo. Valerio is both a domain and technology expert that researched, taught, developed new technology in the space, built a startup and consulting firm around it. A musician at core, and AI for sound and audio engineer building The Sound of AI community day to day (the largest community in the world on AI, music, audio, and signal processing). Studied music and astrophysics at Bachelor's degree level. > Master's degrees in music composition, conducting and piano performance. > PhD in Music and Artificial Intelligence. Add on top contributions in the AI music space like: Developer of an AI music system that simulates a society of virtual songwriters, which generate rock songs and evolve their compositional style. Composer of dozens of pieces for piano, orchestra, video games and films. Adaptive music advocate. OR AI music consultant, data scientist, and programmer. Founded 2 startups, launched the leading academic journal and conference in music and AI, published research in international academic journals. AND expect an amazing episode that gives so much food for both mind and soul. It's all things music and audio. Jump in!

Episode Notes