Applied AI Pod

CodvidHack Challenge, a Hackathon for Covid-19 Pandemic Solutions - The AI View, Ep. 9

Episode Summary

A lightning chat with Mozhgan Bayat - Research Scientist focused on Machine Learning & Deep Learning, and Kiril Ralinovski - Team Lead Data Science and Google Developer Expert for ML, both AI mentors during the CodvidHack Challenge hackathon organized by The Informal School of IT, BCR and Google.

Episode Notes

✓ Solutions of the teams mentored

✓ Technology focus

✓ Role of ML and DL during the pandemic

✓ Sourcing datasets

✓ Adversarial attacks in PoCs

*Kiril's reference in the conversation, for the Secure and Explainable Machine Learning library, is for Battista Biggio & his work in the Security field for ML: