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#BeAIStartup: WIYO - matches recommendation for professionals, E21

Episode Summary

#BeAI Startup and Netherlands-based, WIYO, aims at matching professionals with potentially interesting network, and helping build communities of likeminded people. Its targeted solution helps entrepreneurs, business school alumni, professional coaches, developers, digital nomads, and other people that depend on doing business with important network assets to get connected in a more efficient, safe and economical way. The current solution uses content-based filtering and clustering methods to provide recommendation of matches to users based on Location (current or travelling), Interests, Business school and Work experience. Let’s find out from their founder, Olga Pantchenko, about what they do, current struggles and how a pandemic changed their focus or not.

Episode Notes

  1. Why do you do what you do?
  2. Using big data and AI to connect big groups - how is that going and what are you current challenges?
  3. How does a customer journey usually go. Take the example of the BeAI community, what would the journey look for us?
  4. “Share your travel plans with your whole network or just a few selected friends and see if any of your plans match”, do you find it hard to resonate with people given the pandemic and limitation of travels? Have you pivoted on this USP?

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