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#BeAIStartup: Factide - insights from dark and clear web, E18

Episode Summary

#BeAI Startup and Romanian-based, Factide, is on a mission for knowledge over data - through insights. They believe that knowledge sharing and cooperation is the most efficient way to progress. The startup is focused to extract knowledge from raw data across the dark and clear web. The team is heavily focused on domain knowledge (threat and business analysts) and we virtually sit down with Marius Stanciu- Co-Founder & Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing enthusiast with a background in Software Engineering, and Alexandru Patru - Co-Founder & Business Development Specialist with in-depth insights in foreign affairs and corporate / public sectors.

Episode Notes

  1. Why do you do what you do?
  2. Are you a cybersec company?
  3. Current AI used.
  4. Problems addressed & industries targeted.
  5. AI regulations - where to stand.

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