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#BeAIStartup: EVAAI - replicate personalities as AI assistants for mental health, E19

Episode Summary

#BeAI Startup and Estonian-based, EVAAI, is a machine and deep learning platform that allows mental health professionals to replicate their personalities as AI assistants. Its goal is to use this platform to create AI assistants for different mental health issues such as depression, social anxiety, paranoia, etc. Currently, they create a solution for social anxiety. In a conversation with Fardan Qureshi, their Co-Founder & CEO. We discuss how is EVAAI solving a complex problem that can benefit billions of people around the world. With 1 psychiatrist for 100,000 people around the world and expensive therapy, depression may become the leading disease by 2030. EVAAI's growth can help solve this problem. Their interactive journaling tool to be soon released. The journaling tool will act like an artificial human brain, and create thought networks for organising and connecting thoughts to find patterns within a mind. AI neural networks to power the journaling tool. Tune in to hear more.

Episode Notes

  1. 5000+ likes on Facebook, that is a good crowd for a startup, how did you build this?
  2. Current tech stack and challenges.
  3. Current increased online consumption and trends versus your solution - how do you see everything evolving?
  4. What are the languages covered?

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