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#BeAI - Typing Biometrics, TypingDNA: hindsight CEO view with Raul Popa, E14

Episode Summary

Going global from day 0, and now onto mature growth. This is TypingDNA. Part of the #BeAI Pre-Accelerator, I am in a lightning conversation with Raul Popa, CEO & CoFounder @TypingDNA - a revolutionary startup providing proprietary AI-based typing biometrics technology (a.k.a. keystroke dynamics) to identify users by the way they type on their keyboards. TypingDNA won multiple awards and was featured in top publications. As a tech innovator and a Techstars alumnus (NYC'18), Raul was invited to speak about topics including AI, Biometrics, Identity Access Management and entrepreneurship at global events such as TEDx, Applied Machine Learning Days, World Summit AI, International Biometrics Summit, Future of AI (at European Parliament) any many others. Prior to TypingDNA he co-founded other startups, helped launch several innovative software products and coded core software components used by millions of end users.

Episode Notes

We discuss: