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#BeAI - RPA Decacorn, UiPath: Policy & Regulations view with Margareta Chesaru, E12

Episode Summary

Going global from day 0, and now turned decacorn. This is UiPath. Part of the #BeAI Pre-Accelerator, I am in a lightning conversation with Margareta Chesaru, Public Affairs Manager @UiPath - leading Robotic Process Automation vendor providing a complete software platform to help organizations efficiently automate business processes. Margareta has an extensive background in public policy, legal and regulatory affairs. With a passion for untangling legislation and achieving social impact, in her current role, she is dedicated to put her energy and know-how into understanding how new technologies will impact our lives and to find solutions for addressing today’s educational and moral challenges.

Episode Notes

We discuss:

Read more on the main challenges and opportunities needed on the policy side to encourage adoption of AI across economies, in the Emerging Europe article Margareta recently published:

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