Applied AI Pod

AI for Business, Articulate an AI project, Ep. 6

Episode Summary

From AI terminology to a showcase of established ML and data science project workflows, Alexandra guides decision-makers to discover the essential criteria to use when building a top level view of your AI project. Join Ciprian Borodescu, CEO of MorphL - AI platform for Ecommerce Growth, as he jumps onboard with Alexandra for a webinar session and an open talk on AI challenges. Explore practical examples of how the Machine Learning Canvas, the ICE Scoring Method, and other key questions and facts come together to help you make progress with AI adoption. This podcast was originally a webinar session powered by MorphL - the AI platform for Ecommerce Growth.

Episode Notes

Alexandra Petrus does a deep-dive into connecting the dots between data, AI, and creating value for your business.

You will be exposed to:

✓ How to use the 7 factors in the AI Canvas to gain clarity

✓ Learn about the 4 layers of an AI-first company

✓ Useful criteria to apply when selecting an AI project

✓ The 3 types of diligence that precede an AI business project

✓ How to strategically set up your first AI project